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Last copies & Cinderella

Last copies & Cinderella

We are perfectly aware that everyone must bear this hard & crazy times. The coronavirus halted the entire world suddenly and leads to so many consequences that we are not able to foresee at this point. We all hope the status is going to change very soon, and things will be the same as they used to be.

Once Upon a BGG

Once Upon a BGG

hin the next 1-2 weeks, as well as you will like it, since you are one of the people who helped to create this game as one of the first supporters.

A tale of Christmas

A tale of Christmas

It has been a long time since we had an update for you dear backers, but this hardly means that we have not been working on the project. For those who have never done a Kickstarter campaign let me tell you, there are a lot of things to cover you couldn’t even imagine.

Conquering Essen

Conquering Essen

First of all, we would like to apologize to you all that we report the recent event – Essen Spiel 2019 (greatest board game convention on the world) in delay, but everything happened so fast that we could hardly catch up. We proudly announce:

Journey to East and West

Journey to East and West

We  have visited our manufacturer Ningbo Eastar in China. It was a fabulous journey, the kind we are going to tell our grandchildren. The primary goal of the visit was to have a look at the manufacturing process of Dice Upon a Time, because it’s really important to us to make sure we can thank you for your support with a perfect quality product. The good news is that having seen every single work phase I can confirm that DUAT is in the finish line. Eastar is doing a fantastic job. It was a perfect choice to collaborate with them. They are not only a very good business partner but also nice people and welcoming hosts. May a few pictures tell you about the incarnation process of DUAT:


Last call

We planned to close pledge manager on the 26th September, but at this moment only 83% of the surveys are completed. For this reason we postpone the closure to 3rd October, and you are going to be charged that day. After this date, we will lock your reward selections and charge cards for add-on item purchases, pledge upgrades, and pre-orders. You can still update your shipping address up until we lock addresses for shipping.

Heroes on (the) board

Heroes on (the) board

We’ve received great news and a heavy package from China, straight from the printing house. The content of the box was the first prototype of Dice Upon a Time for us to approve. Allow us to proudly present some photos of the wonderful, colorful board and beautiful, big and good quality miniatures and dice. It took a lot of work and extra expenses, but we have achieved a higher quality result. And since quality is our slogan, this achievement is truly important and makes us really proud.

BackerKit in the story

BackerKit in the story

Once upon a time, during our journey, deep in the middle of the dark forest, we met a friendly group. Their name was BackerKit. Our paths led us towards a common goal…

A boring part of the journey

A boring part of the journey

Hello Rovers of the Grimm World, And here should come some kind of “we are so sorry for not writing to you earlier” beginning. The truth is that it has one reason: each and every member of our crew is fully focused on working on the game to be able to get it produced before Essen Spiel and shipped to you this year.

Quest completed

Quest completed

Dear Backers, thank you very much for your support, we are really grateful to you for making the dream about this game come true! Now it’s only a matter of time until everyone receives their very own copy of Dice Upon a Time!

The end of Book 1

The end of Book 1

Dear Backers, we have entered the last day, the last 9 hours. We are not going to spam you with another update until the end of the KS campaign. So this is the last time we call you: if you have any friends or enemies or cousins or colleagues who might be interested, now is the last chance to spread the fame of Dice Upon a Time! There are fabulous stretch goals ahead that we can reach in the last hours with new players.

The 5th Adventurer

The 5th Adventurer

Dear Backers, we have entered into the last 67 hours! As currently we have no distributors, the situation looks like this KS campaign is the only platform to acquire a copy of Dice Upon a Time. Spread the word and notify your friends and enemies who might be interested in this game. This is the first and last chance to buy it.

The Big Meeting

Hey, what if two Grimm heroes step out of their tales and meet? No one knows what would happen in this anomaly. This was the question we were thinking about when we came up with the Meeting die. Let’s make a plot twist. If you want. You don’t have to, the Meeting die is an optional extra game element.

Dice Upon a Time

Puss in trouble…

many of you asked about the cooperative game mode. Good news! We’ve already been working on it for a little while. We need some tests to balance the rule-changes but we’re on it, we just need some motivation. Hmm, let’s see, what is the most popular motivation technique on the brave new internet? YES! CAT PICTURES!

Dice Upon a Time

The Blue Path

First step: choose a character. Second: draw Quest cards and try to finish the most you can. That’s the game. But we know from the fairy tales: the life of an adventurer isn’t that easy. They meet their fate, that sometimes helps them, sometimes puts them off. The Story cards are story fragments, hands of Lady Fortune. It can be red (Bad Luck or Curse cards), it can be green (Good Luck or Blessing cards). Now this is the third stretch goal you just unlocked: the Blue Quests.

The Big Meeting

The Big Meeting

Hey, what if two Grimm heroes step out of their tales and meet? No one knows what would happen in this anomaly. This was the question we were thinking about when we came up with the Meeting die. Let’s make a plot twist. If you want. You don’t have to, the Meeting die is an optional extra game element.

Dice Upon a Time

Welcome to Grimms’ Realm

Dear Adventurers, This is so exciting! To be honest I was waiting for our first stretch as much as the fund itself.  I was hoping it would be achieved early so we can continue working on: the Event cards. If you have tried the game in Essen in 2018, maybe you

Dice Upon a Time - 1

We are funded!

Kickstarter  is like the glass-blower’s shop. Many many beautiful, shiny glass  figures are born and put on the shelves every day. There are bigger and  smaller, unbreakable and fragile, fine chiseled and raw ones. But which one will be taken off of  the shelf by the customer who enters the shop? It depends solely on the person.

hexpanse 2019.05.15.

New journey begins…

It was a long time ago in a galaxy far away that you could hear from us. But now we are back, stronger than ever! Check out our new project Dice Upon a Time:

invisible 2018.09.18.

Tom Vasel likes Invisible

Hi Folks, it’s been quite a while since we let you hear from us. But we are here again, stronger than ever!

hexpanse - 2018.10.22.

Essen calling

Dear Backers, it’s been a long time since our last sign from the Hexpanse universe in summer, but now we have important news to share with you again. During this week will be a convention in Essen, during which you will have the chance to meet with us from Korona Boardgames and try out our games again. On the 26th (Friday) between 14-16 our artist, Gyula Pozsgay dedicates both Hexpanse and Invisible at our booth!

invisible 2018.10.21.

Essen calling

After we have successfully fulfilled our promise, that you will hold your very own games on your hands in short 3 months after the end of the campaign – something that is quite rare among the Kickstarter campaigns – we have new tasks to attend to. During the next week we will be there in Essen, on the largest board game event in the world. Last year we showed you the Invisible, as a work in progress game, and of course we will have something new to show you this year as well… 

invisible 2018.09.18.

Invisible is visible

We are pleased to let you know that even with the two weeks delay due to the lack of card paper, the Invisible is finally ready, and we are still within the promised deadline. We are very satisfied with the product of the manufacturers, the box, the cards and all the other parts have been made in excellent quality. We have decided to try something new, and get the rules printed on the type of paper that is used for maps, so it will be more resilient, and the results are very clear on the first look.

invisible 2018.08.27.

Invisible under printing

It has been a long time ago that we’ve last shared an update, for various reasons. On the one hand, we have been a little bit disturbed by the fact that this excellent party game that we’ve wished to share with you did not receive the success on Kickstarter we believe it should have. On the other hand, we are even more happy and grateful for you who have decided to trust us and this game, since due to you the idea of this game can turn into reality.  

hexpanse - 2018.07.19.

Tom Vasel downgrades Hexpanse

Dear backers, After a long time of waiting, the Dice Tower youtube channel finally released it’s Hexpanse review, but unfortunately it is really not what we have been expecting..

invisible 2018.06.26.


We are indescribably grateful for the unwavering support that you gave to us, so we could make the Invisible campaign into a successful one. To show our gratitude, we give you the unlocked stretchgoal of the 300g card material, even though we did not get to the $5500 line. We believe that you will need this upgrade, especially if you would play as much with the Invisible as we hope.  

invisible 2018.06.26.

Stretch Goals redefined

We slowly arrive to the last 72 hours, and let us be honest, the last week did not go as we imagined. It has been unfortunately stagnating for the time, which is a risky time for every campaign. We are working day and night to make the Invisible more popular on several forums. We ask you to try to make the game visible for others as well, if you can spare a few minutes for sharing it on social media, or mention it to friends in the last three days.

invisible 2018.06.19.

Over 5000

We hope that you are just as much excited as we are! Thanks to you, our project if finally happening, and you can hold it in your hands soon! We have a few good news for you all:

1. The Invisible coloring book done and here for you, you can print it and enjoy it whenever you want to. Share it with your friends and family because coloring brings much joy to your life!

invisible 2018.06.15.

Funded in 7 hours

ue to your support and trust, the future of Invisible turned visible for us under 7 hours, as it is clear now that this game will be created for you.This success belongs to you, our dear Backers, without your faith in us this game would have never turned into reality.

hexpanse - 2018.06.14.

Invisible is coming

Dear backers, The first Invisible campaign back in April was shut down soon after it has begun, as it did not go as we planned it. We know, that the main reason for this was that we had done a few mistakes. And now, two months after the first try, here we are again, and we guarantee that this time it will be better, since we’ve managed to find the main problems, and excellent solutions for those.

hexpanse 2018.04.23.


It is a solemn moment for us: we can finally close project Hexpanse. This Kickstarter project took two years, starting in May 2016 and finishing now. Of course, this game had been under development for years before and it will stay with us for quite a while.

hexpanse - 2018.03.28.

Full content

Many of you have requested to show you the components of Hexpanse in one, so you could check the content of your boxes. We were also planning this, but our graphic designer is so busy that it caused delays for our upcoming KS campaign. You can see three pictures in this update, which illustrate the contents of the different packages for you. They may be easy to identify this way.

hexpanse - 2017.10.27.

US shipping and Invisible

We haven’t posted new updates for a long time, as we were waiting for the shipping to America to be solved. Unfortunately, Fulfillrite caused us quite serious problems. Customs clearance did not go as planned, the shipping company and the American authorities did not make our job easier, so tons of foreign administration had to be done from afar. Fulfillrite created a system that operates with such database management that was totally unknown to us and we wasted weeks with fixing the orders. Due to these complications, deliveries only initiated last week.

hexpanse 2018.01.15.

Some hard days of a project

First of all, the good news is that the handover of games has started in Europe and Australia. Now, of course, do not flood us with letters that you have still not received them because it is only the first copies, but it is still a great achievement as we have struggled much to get to this point. And exactly a year ago, the campaign started, so there are many happenings behind us.

hexpanse - 2017.12.28.

Incoming mission

First of all, before the festivity feeling is over, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year filled with board games!

hexpanse - 2017.12.01.


Almost a month passed by and we haven’t checked in, but we didn’t know that we had to wait this long for this update. Essen is over, we clarified the mistakes with Wingo, and we would have liked to start the shipping of the games on the early days of November in order to make it possible for you to receive it sooner. And of course, things didn’t happen as we planned, because Wingo was slower than expected correcting the mistakes and finishing the packaging.

hexpanse - 2017.11.4.


We are happy to tell you about our joyful experiences! It was a great pleasure for us to meet some of our backers personally at our booth, and deliver them the game and the special promo card: Essen Assault. We saw that it was a good event for gamers, too.

hexpanse - 2017.10.27.

We have arrived!

We have just arrived at Essen and we have received the first ever Hexpanse game directly from China by plane at the beginning of this huge convention. We emphasize that we did not have the game earlier, this is the very first time when we see the brand-new games. They have just been finished at the printing company. So it is truly a milestone in the history of Hexpanse and Korona Games.

hexpanse - 2017.10.18.

Promocard for ALL backers!

As we were also looking forward to Korona Games’ debut in Essen so much we were thinking in advance about how we could make this first occasion memorable. That is why we created a promo card.

hexpanse - 2017.10.17.

Essen Fest

Essen is coming, and we are going to be there. Moreover: Hexpanse will be available also! We are going through some very hard days for organizing, but now it seems to be all arranged. We wouldn’t like to explain all the circumstances and obstacles including typhoon in China, but they finally came to an end. The airplane will launch today with hundreds of Admiral boxes and hopefully the games will arrive at the Essen fair by right time. We have to be very grateful to Annika from Happyshops for organizing this shipping recently, she is awesome!

hexpanse - 2017.09.27.

Powers on the dark side of the Moon

It’s been a very long time since we released an update with fresh news… We announced it ten days ago, but were unable to publish it. Honestly, thing haven’t escalated recently as we expected. We hate to complain, and we know exactly that there will be numerous difficulties and obstacles during a Kickstarter campaign. You honored us with your trust, and we are grateful for it. We feel obliged to live up to it! But sometimes there are occurrences that are beyond our reach.

hexpanse - 2017.09.1.

The last warning!

There are only four days left for completing your orders through Pledge Manager. Only 71% is ready, and in the last ten days only 2% arranged it. We guess no one would like to lose this opportunity. As the shipping cost was NOT included in the Kickstarter campaign, we are not able to send games without it.

hexpanse - 2017.08.13.

Structures reborn

Let us introduce you the large variety of structures from Admiral’s edition. Structures are specialties in Hexpanse’s universe. They are super items that bring a new exciting game mode into the game. They are like all-devastating super weapons that are unique for each player, and it is only a matter of strategy when you use them. We have designed structures game mode in a way that we offer it to players who really intend to dive into the deep world of Hexpanse.

hexpanse - 2017.07.29.


It is a great joy for us to announce that Pledge Manager for Hexpanse is finally on! We have been discussing with multiple PM services for a long time. There were promises that were not fulfilled, and we even almost finished creating our own PM system. These are the reasons why the launch — which was originally planned for June — was delayed. But there is nothing to worry about! The unique keys for Hexpanse’s stargate had been completed: Pledge Manager’s name is a warranty for quality.

hexpanse - 2017.07.13.

Unboxing day

Our brand new prototype from WinGo has arrived! It’s a great feeling to hold it in hand. Soon you can also experience it!

hexpanse - 2017.06.16.

Print and Play

Here we are with the brand new Print and Play version: you are going to get through kickstarter immediately. Now, you can launch a party!

hexpanse - 2017.05.29.


The long-awaited news has arrived! Yes, we are ready with the game, Hexpanse is complete. It has been quite a silent time recently, but we were working continuously and eventually here is the result! All components and elements have been finished graphically after plenty of testing. We don’t need to develop any further: it’s spectacular, sophisticated and exciting!

hexpanse - 2017.07.29.

Happy Easter!

Seemingly silent weeks passed away, but in the background, we are working on Hexpanse day-by-day. In the past weeks, we managed to complete all the missing stuff, including new mission cards (short and hard alike), new planets (the devastated Mars and Neptune’s ice world), new minor race (the Protector mech), new market cards, supplement the rulebook and many more. By the time the Kickstarter campaign had finished we haven’t been ready with many elements which needed much improvement and testing.

hexpanse - 2017.03.16.

Successful German Campaign

We gladly inform you that our german campaign running on the Spiele-offensive page was quite a success. It just finished the last weekend, after 4 weeks, and brought you all 5 more unlocked stretch goals which will enrich your own copy of Hexpanse. These completed goals are 2 more mercenary cards, 3 more mission cards, 4 exclusive 12-sided dices with unique pattern and 4 more elite troops, one from each basic faction.

hexpanse - 2017.02.03.

To be continued…

Thank you all who joined us! The project was funded quickly with an astonishing start and a huge success, and the rest of the campaigning time was spent in a slow, but stable growth. The boost of the last days was enough to unlock four additional stretch goals. We give you our special thanks for reaching the community goals and the kind words we got. We received many messages and comments stating that this game has much more in it than what it reached here – and we feel exactly the same. Hopefully we will be able to prove to those who haven’t supported us now that Hexpanse deserves more!

hexpanse - 2017.02.02.

The last day

We trust the dash of the last 48 hours and we have favorable results so far: the project increased by $5000 and we finally exceeded the $50,000 limit, where the stretch goal of Canaris’ mercenary card was unlocked. The mercenary comes along with its token, of course, and we were able to increase the card counter. We warn you: the ability of Canaris will be dreaded throughout the game. He can deal 3 damage to warlords, and this fact requires cautiousness from the players, no matter who owns the card. Remember this stretch goal whenever you win with the help of this card.

hexpanse - 2017.07.29.

The final 48 hours

Before we cross the 48-hour mark, we want to thank you for all your help. You gave us enormous amount of ideas and inspiration which we want to thank you with an excellent game. During the recent weeks, the world of Hexpanse developed in such a measure that couldn’t be reached without your help, dear Backers!

hexpanse - 2017.01.27.

Unique stretch goal for Admirals

Some of those who pledged Admiral felt that by giving the token frames immediately to everyone, we decreased the relative value of their boxes. Although the ice world of Neptunes’ moon doesn’t only mean a new planet, but a new game mode for 5-6 players – which we will hopefully reach soon -, we don’t want anyone to have a bad taste in the mouth.

hexpanse - 2017.01.26.

Present for everyone

It is a great pleasure for us that we managed to steer the project of Hexpanse back on a greatly ascending track after a week of stalemate! We have passed 200% of the funding goal, and we will reach a new stretch goal soon. We can thank our loyal backers for it, of course, who felt that they can take this exciting game into new heights with the add-ons for $30.

hexpanse - 2017.01.23.


We have received many feedbacks about what would you like to see if we expanded the game, and your suggestions met our concept during development! We would like to thank you for the vast support and attention towards our first project, so we offer three surprises for all of you:

hexpanse - 2017.01.20.

Lead your nation

Now, it’s a non-returnable chance: YOU can rule a whole faction.
They say that if a page has two sides, it’s a waste to draw only one. There is a big empty space on the back side of the faction mats in Hexpanse…

hexpanse - 2017.01.19.

The Aliens

When we were designing the universe of Hexpanse, we planned a 5th and a 6th faction along with the basic four. They were resting in the background, waiting to come and fight for ruling the galaxy. When our campaign was funded within 24 hours, we already knew that they will join one day, so we began to awaken them. We got many comments, messages, constructive criticism that a 5th and a 6th faction is needed in the game.

hexpanse - 2017.01.17.

Reimagined stretch goals

We just love to read this phrase! And I think you do so, dear Backers! We love to read it, because it means that we achieved a new goal. The more goals we achieve, the more elements we can pack in the box, and this also means that we have more and more purchasers. The biggest dream of a game’s creator comes true when the game gets rich and popular, but we have to work hard for it:

hexpanse - 2017.01.14.

3rd stretch goal and more

We are close to the third stretch goal! We asked for a bid from the printing company, and the calculations went on and on until we got the result: if we reach the third stretch goal, then we will have enough purchasers to initiate a material upgrade. This means that the board, the player mats, the minor mats, the box and the tokens will have maximum thickness and will be printed on high quality cardboard, thus making the game the least fragile possible.

hexpanse - 2017.01.11.

Good news!

Kickstarter has chosen us: we have gained the title of Project We Love! Ours is the joy, but yours is the honor, dear Backers! Our launch would not have been such a success if it wasn’t for you, and Kickstarter would not have noticed the project WE love. So our gratitude belongs to you again! There are 24 more days left! Keep on helping us, so Hexpanse will become not just a game, but a legend.

hexpanse - 2017.01.09.

About the 2nd stretch goal

We would like to share some new information about our second stretch goal, the Immortality Pledge and the birth of different cards in the Hexpanse universe. All in one update.

hexpanse - 2017.01.07.

The facebook strech goal

We have a huge anouncement for you! We have already passed the 500th backer! We celebrate this by offering you an extra gift: a special stretch goal, which is unlocked not by the sum of pledges. We would like to see as many people among backers and unlock as many stretch goals as possible to make your box heavier and richer. In order to do this, we need the news about Hexpanse reach more and more people, so we ask your help.

Hexpanse - Admiral edition

Admiral edition

Structures: War cannot only be won with dreadnoughts. There are many asteroid space bases and artificial planets built as mobile cities, which support their nations and count much in achieving victory.


YES!!! We are FUNDED!

YES, we made it! Almost unbelievable!

Our project is funded in the first day! Within barely 22 hours…

We get feedbacks continuously about how great the game is, and what experience can you miss unless you try it. We could only hope this success when we started the project.

hexpanse - 2017.01.05.

The story of Harambe

Let us tell about it, because there were some people who did not understand the presence of the pistol in his hand! It is not just a tabletop game: it is more than that! Game in the game. We put many easter eggs into the game. You will notice them as you progress with the campaign.

hexpanse - 2017.01.05.

The first stretch goal

One of the three cards will be KS exclusive. We have chosen this card, because it is one of the most devastating cards of the game. The Astramech was constructed by the Terran Empire to assault Mars. Its trembling destructive power levelled the surface of Mars. Anyone who gets the secret blueprints during the game, they surely won’t use the mechs for peaceful deeds.

Hexpanse logo

Already 60% after 12 hours!

It is a day of great importance, as we reached 60% of the funding goal in only 12 hours after the release. It is significant news for us, as it proves that it’s not only us who want the world of Hexpanse to be created, but also our many followers.