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in the box

– Double sided game board
– 6 player mats
– 9 minor fraction mats
– 4 warlord tokens
– 8 income and currency tokens
– 48 normal unit tokens
– 20 mercenary tokens
– 12 minor tokens
– 15 mission cards
– 20 action cards
– 4 twelve sided dice
– 20 mercenary cards
– rule books



Hexpanse is a tactical game of planetary conquest, where 2-4 players take on the role of a Warlord commanding a unique faction in the Solar System.

How to play

Players fight to gain control of a single planet: they deploy their troops from their mothership, mine the valuable hexilum to fund their army and use the unique abilities of their faction in powerful combinations to expand and exterminate the enemy.

Victory can be achieved in two ways. Firstly, by deploying troops in a grand pattern, which represents gaining an unbreakable foothold on the planet. Secondly, by killing all rival Warlords, thus leaving their forces undirected.


The year is 2244 AD. The continuously expanding universe is on the brink of the most devastating war ever. The global clash cannot be avoided; the bloody reckoning has already started on some planets. After the long, peaceful years of economic boom, the Earth – Mars Empire was torn apart by the conflict between humans and cyborgs. However, in the war that is scorching the formerly collaborative worlds, they are not the only ones opposing each other. From the galaxy’s billions of nations, 4 factions ascended for the 23rd century:

The Terran Empire, which wants to restore the unified galaxy ruled by humans;

The Cyberian Collective, which is preparing for the final reckoning against humans;

The Union of Trade Worlds, which wants to maintain its independence, and the outlaw Interstellar Nomads, dream on the dawn of freedom.

The war has already begun, and the armies are standing in line. Everyone is looking for allies, blackmailing vassals, hiring mercenaries.



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