Invisible ajánlott életkor
Invisible játékosok száma
Invisible játékidő

in the box

– 64 card
– 6 help cards
– 16 synbol token
– rulebook

[Illustrator: Gyula POZSGAY



Tricky cardgame

Invisible is a simple, fast-paced party game based on players’ agility, in which they have to search for objects and creatures in fantastic pictures that they can find – or for the one that they cannot, as the cards vary between those where you can find only one of the important things and those where you can find all but one.

What is Invisible?

The game’s rules are designed to be simple, thus it seems familiar and likeable for every generation. Find it, smash it, take it! The game can be played from two players to a number of players limited only by the size of their table. The game takes only a couple of minutes to play, with guaranteed entertainment. Invisible can be played as a party game or can be played as a filler between two serious, strained games. Its box has a two-phase lenticular picture on it that changes depending on the angle you look at it, so the box can show the core of the game, as some things on it turn visible, or invisible.

Special versions

There are two special versions of the game, which was included in the kickstarter campaign, and are still available in a very limited quantity.

Who is it recommended for?

If you think this game is only for children, let us prove you wrong: hundreds of test games confirm that serious gamers enjoy it as everybody loves to be proven the most keen-eyed and agile. It can be played with one set of cards or several packs combined, thus increasing the level of difficulty. Furthermore, the game contains some additional rules that can bend the goals in some way. Proving our statement watch this short video shoot at UK Game Expo in early June 2018.



Invisible - main video

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Invisible at Uk Games Expo

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