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Hexpanse - Admiral edition

Admiral edition


Structures: War cannot only be won with dreadnoughts. There are many asteroid space bases and artificial planets built as mobile cities, which support their nations and count much in achieving victory.

The Admiral edition contains the 5 structure hexagon miniatures and the cards belonging to them. These structures bring an alternative game mode in which cities and space stations can be built, which change the original game with their greatly effective abilities.

Planet Mars: After the Terran Empire bombarded Mars down, the circumstances changed on the planet. Valuable hexilum mines were lost forever. It was too dangerous to build war bases upon the craters because of the nuclear radiation, and this fact made the manoeuvres risky and difficult, and also limited the attacking and defending opportunities. Different tactics should be used here to complete the victory formation.

The Admiral edition contains a totally new board, which has impassable territories. The alternative board gives vital importance to building up new strategies. Mars also means an alternative game mode in addition to the normal gameplay. Only one question remains: what does await on the other side of the Planet Mars board? 😉

Elite troops: Though well-trained units take part in the war, the losses are critical and unavoidable. No matter how well equipped army we use to assault, the enemy retaliates, and this can make our troops disabled. But not the elite troops! These are special forces which were trained to destroy their target before it could initiate fire.

The Admiral edition adds one elite troop for each faction, which is special in the sense that – in opposition to the normal units – it does not get to the recovery ship after attacking. Elite troops also mean an alternative game mode in addition to the normal gameplay.

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