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invisible 2018.06.19.

Over 5000

Dear Backers!

We hope that you are just as much excited as we are! Thanks to you, our project if finally happening, and you can hold it in your hands soon! We have a few good news for you all:

1. The Invisible coloring book done and here for you, you can print it and enjoy it whenever you want to. Share it with your friends and family because coloring brings much joy to your life!

2. We passed 5000$ so the boxes will contain 3 guide cards for every deck, so you can check the thing you should look for much easier before gaming.

3. Hopefully we won’t have to wait too much for the next goal, because when we are talking about card games, the thickness of the cards are very important!

4. And for a teaser, here is the special video preview of the 3D box, that shows how the box will be looking in real life We would like to encourage you to share the link of our kickstarter project, so it can reach even more people and you can get a more valuable final box!

Wish you the best and thank you very much for your support,

Korona Games team

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