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invisible 2018.06.26.

Stretch Goals redefined

Dear Backers,

we slowly arrive to the last 72 hours, and let us be honest, the last week did not go as we imagined. It has been unfortunately stagnating for the time, which is a risky time for every campaign. We are working day and night to make the Invisible more popular on several forums. We ask you to try to make the game visible for others as well, if you can spare a few minutes for sharing it on social media, or mention it to friends in the last three days.

How can a lot turn better in three days? Well, we always like to see the “unlocked” text in the list of sgoals. So to raise the morale we’ve made this more easily accessable for you, by redefining the stretch goals. So only $500 more and you all get the card material upgrade, so you can get it them made from 300g paper instead of the original 220g paper, which makes it more resistant. The first KS exclusive also comes close with this update, so all of you, and only you can get can get larger guide cards to appreciate your help. These can all be done simply by standing together and by giving it exposure, and by this we will upgrade all of yours boxes.

We’ve made a FAQ from the questionst that was asked by you, so if anything is unclear just click here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1385946864/invisible-2/faqs

Of course feel free to reach out to us if it lacks the information you seek.

A lot of you was curious about the full illustrations of the cards, so now we will share it with you here.

Once upon a time there was a kind, but oblivious wizard. During the long life he lived he used to gather various trinkets and animals, but he never seems to find what he is looking for. Go, check it out, if you can find them!

Deep in the dark woods lived the wizard’s most talented apprentice, the little witch. By using her unique magic, she can simply make things disapper, or appear from the realms outside of our world. She likes to get immersed in her training, but she is often distracted by the fight of her favourite cat and owl. 

We would also like to share two wallpapers that contains our main characters, sent to you from our graphic designer with lots of love and gratitude.

To be continued…

We trust in that with your help a lot of backers will arrive in the last few days to make the unlocked text appear. Please feel free to share this simple yet fun game with as many party-game lover friends out there as you can. We believe the Invisible will not let you down, but get you an ample amount of fun times.


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