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invisible 2018.06.26.


Dear Backers,  

we are indescribably grateful for the unwavering support that you gave to us, so we could make the Invisible campaign into a successful one. To show our gratitude, we give you the unlocked stretchgoal of the 300g card material, even though we did not get to the $5500 line. We believe that you will need this upgrade, especially if you would play as much with the Invisible as we hope.  

We have to mention the downside of the campaign, now that we sum up the whole thing: after the very promising start in the first three days, when we went above 200%, the campaign’s fame decreased, and we stagnated for the rest of the time. Due to this we did not reach a lot of our planned goals, and we feel a little sadness because of it. We’ve tried to advertise it on as many forums as possible, apart from BGG, as the budget was lower than that, but we we’ve been stuck under $5000. We’ve had a lot of work in the background to make this simple yet entertaining game more popular. Please feel free to reach toward us to share your ideas or opinions, so we can make things better the next time.  

Those who were here for us, we will not let you down, and you will be able to experience how good this game is in record time. Furthermore, we have no distributors for this game on the international market yet, please contact us if you would like to make a deal.  

Until then feel free to use these detailed wallpapers of the beautiful princess and the charming knight.  

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