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hexpanse - 2017.01.05.

The first stretch goal

Dear Backers!

Another great news for all of us: we’ve just reached the 1st strech goal includes a KS exclusive card and two more! And the second day is not over yet…

One of the three cards will be KS exclusive. We have chosen this card, because it is one of the most devastating cards of the game. The Astramech was constructed by the Terran Empire to assault Mars. Its trembling destructive power levelled the surface of Mars. Anyone who gets the secret blueprints during the game, they surely won’t use the mechs for peaceful deeds.

The card system provides the depth of Hexpanse. Because of the limitless opportunities of combining cards, the game can practically conclude with infinite different outcomes. Thanks to this, the game never gets boring, it has an excellent replayability and prevents building up alpha strategies. The card system is the soul of the game, in which we can achieve memorable victories over our rivals by the perfect combination of cards. That is why we created a card counter in the site, which – if we are fortunate, – will show a tremendous number 28 days later.

With your help, the number of the action cards inside the box increased by 3 today!

Thank you, guys!

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