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hexpanse - 2017.01.05.

The story of Harambe

Hello Backers!

Now that our project has been funded, our first present for you is unlocked: the Spirit of Harambe.

Let us tell about it, because there were some people who did not understand the presence of the pistol in his hand! It is not just a tabletop game: it is more than that! Game in the game. We put many easter eggs into the game. You will notice them as you progress with the campaign.

Our first such point is Harambe. The origin M01 minor faction of the game was Gorillz. According to the story, this artificially bred warrior species has been a lethal weapon with its high intelligence and enormous strength. Its ability was designed this way at the beginning of the game’s development. At first it got the ability of destroying two enemy units as it arrives on the board. Later this ability was buffed, as it began to damage the enemy warlord as well.

Then something happened: we heard about the case of Harambe. Of course everyone knows the gorilla into whose moat a boy has fallen in Cincinnati Zoo in May 2016. The gorilla did not hurt him: on the contrary, he protected him. But still, the arriving firefighters had the animal shot during the chaos. This is how Harambe became a victim of humans’ foolishness.

We wanted to give honor to the memory of Harambe. We left the pistol in his hand to let his memory protect the children, but took the rockets from his back and changed his ability. Harambe cannot attack in the game. But if the enemy eliminates him, he protects his warlord with his death. If Harambe gets to the recovery ship, he heals 4 points to his leader.

Never forget that we are responsible for our actions!

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