The 5th Adventurer

The 5th Adventurer

Dear Backers,

we have entered into the last 67 hours! As currently we have no distributors, the situation looks like this KS campaign is the only platform to acquire a copy of Dice Upon a Time. Spread the word and notify your friends and enemies who might be interested in this game. This is the first and last chance to buy it.

The 5th dice set is unlocked! You’re awesome, guys!

This is a great relief for us. The 5th player has been requested for a long time, since when the game was only in the concept phase. In this game there are only unique engraved custom dice. The Manufacturer have their price lists and unfortunately no Magic Item card can change those prices. But you guys made it happen! We reached the necessary amount that can make this wish come true.

Look at the stretch goal list. We are very close to the linen finish and the bigger minis!

The social stretch goals are spinning, on Facebook we are only 25 followers away from a new Magic Item card! 

Don’t forget to cooperate with your cat (or cat-minded dog/hamster/parrot/lizard etc.) for the cooperative game mode! 😉 

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