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The Big Meeting


what if two Grimm heroes step out of their tales and meet? No one knows what would happen in this anomaly. This was the question we were thinking about when we came up with the Meeting die. Let’s make a plot twist. If you want. You don’t have to, the Meeting die is an optional extra game element.

  • So, can we stay in the same location on the board?
  • Sure, why not?
  • What happens?
  • You can trade resources: Bread, Gold coins, Apples. If you want you can exchange also Quest cards or even Magic Items.
  • Anything else happens?

Yes. From now on. If you encounter another character, you roll the Meeting die and check the list, what happens. Maybe you will find something… maybe you will find yourself in another forest… magic happens in the world of Grimm.

You guys are doing a great job! You just unlocked the Meeting die stretch goal.

Don’t forget, the Meeting die is Kickstarter exclusive!

Next step is the extra dice set which means the game will be extended to 2-5 players. Since Dice Upon a Time is a family game, we got many requests for a 5 players version.  The good news is that the game works absolutely fine with 5 players. A bit more busy, so you must be a bit more careful to plan your route, but no change is needed in the rules.

Shipping of the Dice cup

We managed to reduce the shipping cost for the dice cup from +9$ to +4$. This is valid only for 1 piece. If you buy more cups and/or other addons too, +9$ is the deal.

Of course the early bird backers will get the cup for free. This price is only for additional cups or if you missed the early bird.


BackerKit gives us a good support, and we already got a contract with them, so be prepared, the pledge manager system will be the BackerKit! We hope you will enjoy it.

Social stretch goals!

We hope you didn’t forget the social stretch goal for the co-op game mode. We’re still waiting for the “Puss in Boots” photos on facebook or in the BGG forums. Look at Cassie’s nice little kitty! Awww…


Let’s play a new game, we got a new idea, if you want to give us just one click (maybe a share), we will add some awesome cards in the game. We’re trying to collect as many followers on facebook as we can. If you want to join, perhaps if you share our facebook page to get others know about it, we won’t be ungrateful.

Magic Item cards are excellent elements of the game. There are 15 cards in the box, each with a unique artwork, so it’s easy to identify them. We’ll give you 3 more Magic Item cards and all you have to do is just one click!

What to do?

  • Like and follow our facebook page.  https://www.facebook.com/KoronaGames/ 
  • If you want, you can share it to reach more followers.
  • If we hit 700 followers, you will get 1 new Magic Item card.
  • At 800 followers the box will contain 1 more additional Magic Item card.
  • And the third card will come at 900 followers.

Easy and clear, social stretch goal! Go for it guys! 😉

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