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Puss in trouble…

… and make it double. 😉

Hey Everyone,

many of you asked about the cooperative game mode. Good news! We’ve already been working on it for a little while. We need some tests to balance the rule-changes but we’re on it, we just need some motivation. Hmm, let’s see, what is the most popular motivation technique on the brave new internet? YES! CAT PICTURES!

‘Everyone likes cat pictures, because we’re awesome.’ – says Puss in Boots.

Okay everyone, let’s play a game, do a social stretch goal, and we’ll give you a co-op mode as a reward. So, what to do:

5.a. Post it to your Facebook page, tag Korona Games and paste the link of the Dice Upon a Time Kickstarter campaign. (kickstarter.com/projects/duat/dice-upon-a-time)

– OR –

  1. Grab your cat.
  2. Put your cat in some boots.
  3. Get hated by your cat.
  4. Take a photo of the cat. In the boots.

5.b. Upload it to the BGG forum of Dice Upon a Time.

6. Allow us to show this photo during the KS campaign to the other cat lovers

7. Your cat will be a famous Puss in Boots.

8. If we get 25 photos, you will win this co-op game and the co-op mode for Dice Upon a Time, too.

9. Still be hated by your cat. :3

Something like this:

– Miklos Fekete – 6 times Natural Strongman World Champion – so strong that he took Puss out of his Boots.


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