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The Blue Path

Stretch goal 3 unlocked. About the Story cards

First step: choose a character. Second: draw Quest cards and try to finish the most you can. That’s the game. But we know from the fairy tales: the life of an adventurer isn’t that easy. They meet their fate, that sometimes helps them, sometimes puts them off. The Story cards are story fragments, hands of Lady Fortune. It can be red (Bad Luck or Curse cards), it can be green (Good Luck or Blessing cards). Now this is the third stretch goal you just unlocked: the Blue Quests.

Blue Quests are made for more experienced gamers. They give you a choice: you need to give something to resolve them and get something in return. The Blue Quests don’t give you Adventure Points, but some other nice rewards: teleport, new cards or resources. Not always is it the best to choose the Blue Path, it depends on the situation. You can win with them, but sometimes they aren’t worth the effort.

The best about the Blue Quest cards is that you can combine them with your Main or Side Quests. This is why advanced players like them.

The Blue Quest cards enrich the Story card deck by 10 new cards. The size of the game, the number of components are increased, thanks to you, guys!

After the second stretch goal got unlocked, we called our 3D artist Daniel, to start working on Thumbling’s figure. He works quickly, luckily, because after the campaign we want to send the game to printing as soon as possible. We would like to deliver the game possibly this year.

Look at Thumbling’s miniature. We like it! What do you say?

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