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The end of Book 1

The end of Book 1

Dear Backers,

we have entered the last day, the last 9 hours. We are not going to spam you with another update until the end of the KS campaign. So this is the last time we call you: if you have any friends or enemies or cousins or colleagues who might be interested, now is the last chance to spread the fame of Dice Upon a Time! There are fabulous stretch goals ahead that we can reach in the last hours with new players.

Thanks to you, the bigger miniatures goal has unlocked. We have reached the critical amount of pledges that enables us to negotiate with the manufacturer to increase the size of the minis to 45-67 mm. Yes, The Musicians of Bremen will be almost 70 mm high!

As many of you, we are also very happy that there are now 27 dice instead of 22:
25 players’ dice, 1 Snake die and 1 Meeting die (which is KS exclusive).

The next stretch goal is a fluorescent gloss on the box. Some will love that, some will think it isn’t a big deal, but this is a special one we really are looking forward to. Because the Grimm tales are a bit louring, but the warm light of the campfire of our heroes evokes hope in the grim forest. We would be happy if the fire on this box lit your rooms at night like this. Do you know the story of Rapunzel? The girl whose magical hair glows. It will glow on the box, too. 🙂

After that comes the wooden rabbit figure that upgrades the starting player marker card. The rabbit is the symbol of agility in this game. You can invoke the spirit of the rabbit to get the lead.

As you might have noticed, Cinderella is waiting at the bottom of the list far far away. An additional mini has unfortunately so much higher costs that the publisher cannot afford in the present circumstances. We can only hope that the last day’s run-in will reach that goal.

Some good news:

The Facebook counter in the social stretch goal section shows that we have reached the goals for two new Magic Item cards. Our Artist has already presented the artwork for the Magic Beans and the Golden Bird, so the two cards are in the box now. And the third one is approaching! Spread the word, follow our Facebook page!  https://www.facebook.com/KoronaGames/ 

The co-op mode is also really within our reach! Only a one more Pet in Boots on BGG and/or Facebook, and the much-desired cooperative version lands on the pages of the rulebook! Thank you very much to those who already mobilized their animal forces for the sake of the common goal. :3 https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/2207169/puss-trouble 

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