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hexpanse - 2017.01.09.

About the 2nd stretch goal

Hello everyone and welcome to all of our new backers!

We would like to share some new information about our second stretch goal, the Immortality Pledge and the birth of different cards in the Hexpanse universe. All in one update.

If we reach our second stretch goal, two additional cards will be added to the box. That means two new tokens as well, because the cards of our next stretch goal are not just simple action cards, but mercenaries to which tokens belong. These can be used to complete the victory formation. These two mercenaries have the ability of reactivate: both mercenaries’ ability is activated when they get on the board, and they can also be reactivated once per turn as long as they stand on the board. Let’s take a look at them:

Westwood: an easter egg? Who served as an inspiration? If you know, write your guess in a comment! 😉 He is a real Bad guy… or is he the Good? Maybe the Ugly? One thing is for sure: whoever is attacked by him gets on the recovery ship, while he stands still on the board, just as a true action hero should. Though Westwood was inspired by a real person, his picture is totally fictional. Some cards were modelled after the world of sci-fi stories through fantasy, while other images depict real people. Master of puppets is a good example for the latter.

Master of puppets: he is no one else, but our designer Balázs Gracza, to whom we can be grateful for our spectacular box design. The character got his name from his ability and one of our favourite music tracks. If you know the performer of the track, write it in a comment! His magnificent ability reflects his name: when he gets on the board (and later when he is activated), he swaps any two of the units on the board, whether they are allied or enemy. He knows how to twist the situation on the board! Balázs’ card is a nice example of being timeless: with our Immortality Pledge, anyone can make their photo appear in the game. Not only in their copy, but in every single box we will ever produce for the public!

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