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hexpanse 2018.04.23.


Dear Backers!

It is a solemn moment for us: we can finally close project Hexpanse. This Kickstarter project took two years, starting in May 2016 and finishing now. Of course, this game had been under development for years before and it will stay with us for quite a while.

Last week, Send from China delivered the game to our Asian backers, to whom we apologize and would like to express our gratitude for their incredible patience. It may be unbelievable, but we have been trying to persuade SFC since last November to deliver a couple of boxes, exchanging hundreds of emails, and it was them who were disappointed in the end. We would recommend any other developer from contacting them.

There were also some complications with the North American backers as well, because it was revealed that the American distributor received a too small amount from the printing company, so ten backers had to wait for their copies until we managed to send them through Europe. The good news is that Fulfillrite has initiated the shipment yesterday, so it will arrive in a couple of days.

We have managed to solve replacement, even though it took a lot of time to get the spare parts from China. We thank you once again for your patience. There might be some minor issues left, but in the end everyone received what they bought / what they should. We have been also helping those, who have forgotten to fill in the pledge manager or lost their copy. We are exceedingly grateful for all of you for helping the creation of Hexpanse! We also thank those who have sent their responses about the game and their experiences. This is the greatest honor a board game developer team can get! It felt especially good because practically everyone loves the unique mechanism and those delicate features which were developed during a long process, so a game of Hexpanse can always be a new experience and great fun.

​And it seems our work is also respected by you. We’ve just received this message from Miguel Manas: ” Secondly, and more importantly, I want to use this opportunity to congratulate you (and your team) for the very good customer service that you are giving. From the day during spiel Essen were I meet some of you (and bought the game) passing for every communication I had with you, the service has been outsatnding!”

As we lead an honorable business policy, we did not want to start a new project unless everyone received the content they ordered and paid for in relation to our previous project. That is the reason why our next campaign’s launch was delayed by two months. But it is finally here, so let us introduce Invisible! The project is so fresh it has just launched on Kickstarter:

It would be a great help if you supported this project, too. We won’t let you down!

It is completely different from Hexpanse: it’s a simple card game in the style of Dobble, but with gorgeous art – as usual for Korona Games – and more interesting methods of playing. To sum up the rules: Just draw a card, place it face up in the middle of the table and find what is missing from the items of the wizard or the witch, or even what is the only thing that present there! There are some tricky cards as well in which everything is visible or invisible. The player who hits the symbol of the item, gets the card and the victory point for it. It is a party game and a lot of fun for all ages: just strike the symbols, take the cards and fun will be guaranteed.

We would recommend you to remember the name of Korona Games, because we have more awesome games in our sleeves, waiting to be shared with you all!

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