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hexpanse - 2018.03.28.

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Dear Backers!

Many of you have requested to show you the components of Hexpanse in one, so you could check the content of your boxes. We were also planning this, but our graphic designer is so busy that it caused delays for our upcoming KS campaign. You can see three pictures in this update, which illustrate the contents of the different packages for you. They may be easy to identify this way.

We aim to create high quality products and your satisfaction and trust is exceedingly important for us. However, these are complex boxes, so some mistakes might occur beyond our power. This is Murphy’s law. Errors might occur during production, packing or shipping, so we ask you to check every component for unpredicted flaws and if you find any, please contact us. We will do our best to correct every mistake as soon as we get the replacements which will leave China today! It is the least we can do for you.

The printer company has made 3 tokens of KS exclusive mercenary Python, but the game only requires one at a time.

We have a special surprise for those who have 3D printers at home or access to them! Our friend and enthusiastic Hexpanse player from Hungary, Janos has made some 3D printing designs for us!

Hexpanse has D12 dice. As you might have noticed during reading the rulebook that these are not for rolling, but marking the healthpoints of the Warlords. We ordered such dices during production that has sharp angles, so they would not roll away on the board.

Janos, however, has though of players who play while sailing on the seas of Mars or cross an asteroid field in space, so he made his D12 holder plastic frame that is based on the hexagons on the board. His other work is a board stabilizing frame clip, which is useful when a planet rests for long in the game box and the board is not fully plain due to the folds. Janos’ 3D designs are available here:

3D print: Hexpanse D12 Dice Holder

3D print: Board Game Clip (2mm)

You will hear from us soon as the campaign of Invisible is coming!

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