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hexpanse - 2017.10.27.

US shipping and Invisible

Dear Backers,

We haven’t posted new updates for a long time, as we were waiting for the shipping to America to be solved. Unfortunately, Fulfillrite caused us quite serious problems. Customs clearance did not go as planned, the shipping company and the American authorities did not make our job easier, so tons of foreign administration had to be done from afar. Fulfillrite created a system that operates with such database management that was totally unknown to us and we wasted weeks with fixing the orders. Due to these complications, deliveries only initiated last week. Moreover, some of you have not received their well-deserved Hexpanse yet! We are managing these issues right now, as well as delivery malfunctions and quality complaints. It has been revealed by now that the Chinese enterprise that packed our products did not do their best either, so about a dozen backers in America have to wait more for their copies. Fortunately, more than 300 of you have already received Hexpanse or may expect their delivery in days.

To our greatest shock, the expenses skyrocketed during the process, so about half of the delivery costs to our South American customers were paid by us because of the extremely expensive shipping services. However, our intention is to bring this game to you and let you see that the campaign was worth backing, because you have received a unique and special experience! We hope you will enjoy it!

Those who haven’t received it yet: please, be patient, as we won’t let anyone down and we’ll find a way to make things right.

Fortunately, most of you have received the packages, so you had the opportunity to try it with your friends and family. You can easily play this game with non-gamers as well, as you can go through the rules in a couple of minutes, so it will catch even unexperienced players’ attention. We recommend you to play Hexpanse with as many people as you can: this game will definitely worth your time!

You can share your experiences and feedbacks on the game’s BGG profile: https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/204143/hexpanse

Hexpanse is already among the top 8,000, but it deserves to break much higher!

The game’s essence can be seen in the feedback of our generous backer David Humphrey:

Played my first games of Hexpanse yesterday, and I have to say… It’s better than I could have imagined! The constant switching of power and sneaky pavements, whilst keeping an eye on the cards others have to check if they’re able to bag a surprise win… It’s everything I wanted!

We have been ready for the campaign of our brand-new game Invisible for a while, but until we do not manage to deliver all the orders concerning Hexpanse, we don’t feel launching a new campaign justified. If we started a new campaign now, you would be right to feel that we did not fulfill our duties. Now we set preparations to boosted mode, complete the KS site and launch within two weeks! To get into the mood for the new game, you should watch our campaign video, which is not fully completed yet, but now you can comment if any flaws were left in the ad:

This game is totally different from Hexpanse, but its graphics is just as astonishing and the rules are similarly easy to learn. The most important message that the hundreds of test games taught us is that despite its design, it is much more than a game for children, as gamers also truly enjoy the familiar situation of recognizing a hidden or a missing object on the picture. Take a try; you won’t regret it, because either you are looking for a party game or a filler before a more serious project, Invisible is an excellent choice!

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