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hexpanse - 2018.06.14.

Invisible is coming

Dear backers, The first Invisible campaign back in April was shut down soon after it has begun, as it did not go as we planned it. We know, that the main reason for this was that we had done a few mistakes. And now, two months after the first try, here we are again, and we guarantee that this time it will be better, since we’ve managed to find the main problems, and excellent solutions for those.

First of all, the game itself became a lot cheaper, and it has got a renewed box. Just look at it, we believe this is something that has been never made before!

  1. The cover of the box is a unique, two phased lenticular picture. When you look at it from different angels, you can see different details appear and disappear on it. This has been never made on a tabletop game, and it shows perfectly the core of the game: find what is visible or invisible on the cards.
  2. Despite of the new, expensive cover, we can provide the game cheaper to you due to small changes with the manufacturer, thus the price of every game is going to be $16 instead of $20, if you order the core box. However, we recommend you to get the other two packs with 4 decks as well, especially since these are Kickstarter exclusives only, you will never be able to buy them elsewhere. The price of all the boxes together came down to $35 instead of the $48 from before, and they will make your game more exciting and variable.
  3. We have decided on a unique early bird gift, which is a totally waterproof coaster. It is made of plastic so it resists any kind of liquid. You are welcome to try and prove us wrong. WARNING: the early bird is only available in the first 48 hours!
  4. Furthermore, after long discussions we’ve managed to rationalize the shipping fees, thus it is only $6 to Canada, Europe and the USA, and $9 for the rest of the world. For a little extra, you can get an insurance on your delivery. If you ordered more packs, the basic fee of the delivery rises a little bit, but it still remains as low as possible.
  5. Last but not least, we had the time in the last two months to try to perfect every little detail, so we can send the orders right after the end of the 2 weeks long campaign to the manufactures. This means that if everything goes well our backers may be able to get their copies in record time, in September! We know that this promise will be hard to keep due to the avarage problems regarding the Kickstarter projects, but we have gathered a lot of experiences in the last two years, that makes us believe that this deadline is within our capacity.

And how good the Invisible is as a party game? You can find it out if you watch this short video that we made on the UK Games Expo a few days ago:

We recommend you to give it a try, you won’t be disappointed!

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