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hexpanse - 2017.11.4.


Dear Backers!

We are happy to tell you about our joyful experiences! It was a great pleasure for us to meet some of our backers personally at our booth, and deliver them the game and the special promo card: Essen Assault. We saw that it was a good event for gamers, too. We would be happy to see their thoughts about the personal meeting with our team in the comment section! It was a serious experience to hear about the positive feedbacks of those backers and customers who have tried a game: they claimed that the game experience is fantastic and the graphics are gorgeous. People liked the mechanism of formation building and some of them discovered that among the games available on the market, it could only be compared to Tash Kalar. Several reviewers visited our booth, just to mention a couple of well-known examples: Tom Vassel (Dice Tower) and Micheal Rodney (Watch it played) approached us and took Hexpanse for reviewing.

About shipping:

The bad news is that some new problems occurred at WinGo a week ago, so one of the items need to be reproduced. They promised that they will be ready in a week, so the games will be finally ready to ship. We are sorry that new errors are revealed time to time and they cause delay, but these are beyond our reach. We cannot influence the flow of events more than we did before: we are urging them and ask them to correct the printing mistakes. It is a great frustration for us all, but now we have all the reasons to believe that we have come to the end of production.

Unfortunately, we have no certain information about when the ships with your copies arrive, as we do not know how much the products must stay at each country’s customs. We heard both bad and good news and we still hope that you will receive the game by Christmas. We know it’s not too much, but the final result will hopefully satisfy all of you, our backers, because this is the main goal of our job.

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