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hexpanse - 2017.12.01.


Dear Backers,

Almost a month passed by and we haven’t checked in, but we didn’t know that we had to wait this long for this update. Essen is over, we clarified the mistakes with Wingo, and we would have liked to start the shipping of the games on the early days of November in order to make it possible for you to receive it sooner. And of course, things didn’t happen as we planned, because Wingo was slower than expected correcting the mistakes and finishing the packaging. One worse thing turned out than this: the ships are fully packed weeks before the shipping start because every company wants to receive their goods before Christmas. So we worked hard for nothing with the big names from the field of logistics like Kühne&Nagel, shipping before December just weren’t achievable.

To make it short, we tried our best to deliver the packages before Christmas, but sadly this couldn’t be done. It was caused mainly by the belated production, we couldn’t catch up the months passed by in the busy time before Christmas. The main point is that all of the games are going to be shipped during this week or the next one and it is expected to be delivered by the end of December, early January to Europe, North America and Australia. After the customs clearance, the fulfillment centers will hopefully dispatch the packages for all of you. It is expected to be done in January. We are going to report progress to make sure you are well-informed!

We know that we promised otherwise but we deeply apologize for this delay. We are sad to say that we didn’t have enough experience before to manage such a big project like this and set the exact date a year before the project with these constantly appearing problems that we had.

The good news is that the promo cards from Essen were dispatched to the ones who transferred the minimal $3. These packages are expected to be delivered within 1 or 2 weeks depending on the congestion of the posts. You can truly enjoy these with the base game in hand. And it is on its way to you!

And for German speakers, there is a new review in this link:


And hopefully, we can post more reviews like this because we were met with similar purposes in Essen!

Have a nice day!

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