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hexpanse - 2017.12.28.

Incoming mission

Dear Gamers,

First of all, before the festivity feeling is over, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year filled with board games!

We thank you those letters, wishes and empathy that is common from the majority of you about our work. I know that there are problems and delays in every Kickstarter projects, but until we have began to start our own, we would never have believed that we were going to experience every possible bad things that could happen. It is not because of our inexperience, rather the fact that it is hard to harmonize logistical tasks that reach across continents. You are depending on others’ goodwill, who you never saw, and who you can only contact via e-mail or telephone.

Many of you asked in a private message and on Facebook, that how was the delivery status. As we wrote in the 33rd update, the ships left Shenzhen in early December. The Australian shipment must arrive there these days and the ship are going to arrive to Europe soon. Unfortunately, we had a two-week delay again with American shipment and the press and the supplier just pointed at each other. It is going to be at the docks on 22 January 2018, then after the customs clearance we hope that Fulfillrite is going to deliver the packages as soon as possible. We can’t promise exact dates about the delivery, but we will share all the information we receive in the form of future updates.

We thank you that you remained faithful to us and you are looking forward to Hexpanse. We promise that you won’t be disappointed, it is a really great game.

As we have already written it in the 29th update, we are preparing for a new game called Invisible, and by the time Hexpanse is in your hands we are starting our Kickstarter campaign for it in February. Invisible is on the lighter side of board games, it is a party game and has a beautiful graphic design. People liked it in Essen, and since then anywhere we display the game, including test plays, the hardcore gamers and the softcore gamers also really like it, because it is simple, therefore all players have an equal chance of winning regardless of gaming experience.

We are going to meet soon!

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