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hexpanse - 2017.10.27.

We have arrived!

Hey Backers,

We have just arrived at Essen and we have received the first ever Hexpanse game directly from China by plane at the beginning of this huge convention. We emphasize that we did not have the game earlier, this is the very first time when we see the brand-new games. They have just been finished at the printing company. So it is truly a milestone in the history of Hexpanse and Korona Games.

For this purpose, we have shot an unboxing video at our booth 7M108 and we would like to dedicate it to all of you who made it possible to release this awesome game. We want you to feel the importance of this occasion. Hopefully, every backer will get their copy in the near future and you can feel then the same delight as we do. Let’s take a look at this very short, but unforgettable moment!

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