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hexpanse - 2017.10.18.

Promocard for ALL backers!

Dear Backers!​

As we were also looking forward to Korona Games’ debut in Essen so much we were thinking in advance about how we could make this first occasion memorable. That is why we created a promo card.

Our aim was to give a gift to those backers who visit us in Essen. It was only meant as a present to make our personal contact memorable to everyone who purchases one of the few available copies there. We would like to highlight that though there were bad mannered assumptions, non-backers can only purchase Hexpanse without the Kickstarter exclusive content. We follow a fair policy; you Backers are the #1s for us. That is the reason why it hurts to read so many negative comments that is based on the misunderstanding of our intentions.

We did not expect at all that one extra card will have such a great success among our loyal backers and that this will awake such passion. We were intending to make this card through WinGo from the beginning, but they did not assume it due to their overload. We were trying to convince them to put them into the almost-ready boxes, but in vain. We have to print the cards separately and probably their type would not be exactly the same, but as the game is played with open cards it will not cause a problem.

Click here to get the card!

It is especially a great delight for us that there is still such high interest towards Hexpanse so long after the end of the campaign. We did not expect such a high demand on our first Kickstarter project, so every card with which we can extend the universe of Hexpanse and which you expect is a great joy for us. So we claim that all our backers are entitled to the free promo card of Essen which you can receive at the venue or we can ship it to any part of the world for those who cannot attend the convention in Essen. We cannot add it to the game boxes so we will send it separately by post, sharing the expenses with you by providing the half of it besides all the costs of printing cards and​pack​ing hundreds of letters. We would like to ask for ​a minimal ​$3 contribution per letter and we will send it anywhere during November! You can pay the sum through PayPal to kekfutar@gmail.com and send your address in ​​announcement.

Many of you are expecting some information about the final shipping. According to the most recent note from the printer, they will be ready by everything this week, so the ships will be able to depart next week. The products may arrive at the harbors of Europe and America within 6 weeks, so you will hopefully receive your copy of Hexpanse by Christmas. As soon as we will have additional information, we will share it with you immediately. We know that you expected more information, but it is unfortunately difficult – partly due to our lack of experience – to synchronize an intercontinental project and make everyone finish their job in time. We are often disappointed as many partners do not fulfil what they promise, but we start over and over again to strengthen your trust in us in the end. Because we can thank you for making Hexpanse come true, so we have absolutely no intention to let you down. We ask you to not to do it either and we will live up to your trust!

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