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hexpanse - 2017.10.17.

Essen Fest

Hey Backers!

Essen is coming, and we are going to be there. Moreover: Hexpanse will be available also! We are going through some very hard days for organizing, but now it seems to be all arranged. We wouldn’t like to explain all the circumstances and obstacles including typhoon in China, but they finally came to an end. The airplane will launch today with hundreds of Admiral boxes and hopefully the games will arrive at the Essen fair by right time. We have to be very grateful to Annika from Happyshops for organizing this shipping recently, she is awesome!

Instead of very expensive airlifting, we must be there with complete games. And if we are there, we have to fulfill our backers, who are the most important for us. So great news: come to our booth 7M108 and get your own copy! We ask you to make this process easy for us: if you want to pick up the game in Essen please send a comment or a private message to help us calculate the number of the games.

Hexpanse campaign is over and we have to announce the total collected sum (Kickstarter, Spieleschmiede and Pledge Manager) is approx. $88,000, which is a great success for us, and we would like to say a big thank you for all who helped us bringing it alive. When we had started this project, we wouldn’t expect such a great result, but we are sure that much more gamers will explore the magnificent world of Hexpanse later. It gave us a huge inspiration to develop other great games and the first of them is at the corner:


And if you are at our booth in Essen, you can have a guided Hexpanse party or explore our forthcoming Kickstarter project: Invisible, coming January 2018. It’s completely different from Hexpanse: it’s a simple card game in the style of Dobble, but with gorgeous graphics as usual from Korona Games and more interesting methods of playing. To sum up: Just draw a card, place it face up in the middle of the table and find what is missing from the items of the wizard or the witch, or even what is the only thing there! There are some tricky cards as well in which everything is visible or invisible. The player who tells and hits the symbol of the item first gets the card and the victory point belonging to it.

Only one week and we meet each other, it’s extremely exciting, we can’t wait for it! And to make it really worth visiting our booth, we have a special surprise for you all, who are backers or want a copy of Hexpanse: a special Essen PROMOCARD! Yes, indeed. You can have it now or never, please check it here:

Further great news to our German supporters: we are ready the German rulebook, which was not promised at all, but we did! Check here: German rulebook

See you in Essen at booth 7M108!!!

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