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hexpanse - 2017.09.27.

Powers on the dark side of the Moon

Hey, Gamers!

It’s been a very long time since we released an update with fresh news… We announced it ten days ago, but were unable to publish it. Honestly, thing haven’t escalated recently as we expected. We hate to complain, and we know exactly that there will be numerous difficulties and obstacles during a Kickstarter campaign. You honored us with your trust, and we are grateful for it. We feel obliged to live up to it! But sometimes there are occurrences that are beyond our reach.

Despite the long introduction, here are some minor bad news. Our Chinese partner WinGo, who are our manufacturers, have been busy recently with other projects, so they delayed our requests for about a month. Though we were eager to show you the complete game, we can only present the version under production. However, seeing the items being created is promising. The original plan was to ship the games in September, which was proven to be unachievable at the beginning of summer. This was due to the delay of the development process and our German partner being unable to ship the structures. It seemed then that a deadline in October or November will be tenable. Now it seems that we will be able to ship in November, and if the Christmas rush won’t hinder the plans, you all will receive your Hexpanses by the holidays.

Unfortunately, there are powers on the dark side of the Moon that strike us in the worst moment. We keep on fighting with all we have, and not in vain. Our most important goal is to create a result that makes you happy. The odds are still in our favor. As the production closes to its end, we received some pics as proofs, which we would like to share with you:

You can clearly see that minor factions, boards and the plastic token frames are ready. The bad news is that these should have been ready in the summer, according to our original schedule.

And finally there are good news for Hungarian, Italian and French speakers: the respective translations are ready. You can study them right here!

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