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hexpanse - 2017.07.29.

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

Seemingly silent weeks passed away, but in the background, we are working on Hexpanse day-by-day. In the past weeks, we managed to complete all the missing stuff, including new mission cards (short and hard alike), new planets (the devastated Mars and Neptune’s ice world), new minor race (the Protector mech), new market cards, supplement the rulebook and many more. By the time the Kickstarter campaign had finished we haven’t been ready with many elements which needed much improvement and testing. We can allege the game is finished right now. This is our little present for you for Easter Holiday!

And the sampling process in the printing company (WinGo) has already been started. In a few weeks, we are going to get the prototype in hand – we will show it to you, of course! – then we are able to launch the pledge manager issue. You are going to see what you backed in reality and choose which expansions you would like to receive. We are as much excited as you to touch the final result of our enormous effort which brings Hexpanse into life. If everything was all right, we would prepare the Print and Play version and send it to you.

And a small bad news: despite of trying hard, we have realized the solo mode is not easy enough to bring into effect. Some of you are eager to materialize this version but there are two reasons to delay this project: it would take quite a time, which makes the whole producing process to be late, and it needs also more new components, but a third expansion would have not been on real demand. There is some chance to develop the game later if people really request.

The early bird backers were twice called upon to send their names will be printed on board, but some of them did not answer. We will use those people’s Kickstarter names. We are also waiting for two persons’ photos for Immortality edition. At least, we need your help for the upcoming times to make the printing process smooth without delays.

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