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hexpanse - 2017.03.16.

Successful German Campaign

Hi backers!

We gladly inform you that our german campaign running on the Spiele-offensive page was quite a success. It just finished the last weekend, after 4 weeks, and brought you all 5 more unlocked stretch goals which will enrich your own copy of Hexpanse. These completed goals are 2 more mercenary cards, 3 more mission cards, 4 exclusive 12-sided dices with unique pattern and 4 more elite troops, one from each basic faction.

It means the Captain edition will also contain one pack of elite troops, but remember the more elite troops are in your army, the stronger you are. Who ordered an Admiral edition with a double add-on pack will get 3 pack of elite troops…

The last month looked a little bit still beside the german campaign, but we are working continuosly in the background. We had to improve many details belonging to Hexpanse after the two successful campaigns. The Neptunus’ Iceworld has just completed, and the add-ons gave us a lot of work to do. And probably the most important thing for any gamedesingner is testing and testing and more testing… We would simply bring you an almost perfect game, which is a remarkable experience for every one of you who meets Hexpanse! It’s surely worth a mere six month waiting.

Keep in touch!

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