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hexpanse - 2017.05.29.



The long-awaited news has arrived! Yes, we are ready with the game, Hexpanse is complete. It has been quite a silent time recently, but we were working continuously and eventually here is the result! All components and elements have been finished graphically after plenty of testing. We don’t need to develop any further: it’s spectacular, sophisticated and exciting!

And we are not who are only speaking, here is the best proof: the beta version of the final rulebook. Check out here: www.hexpansegame.com

And now you are able to do remarks which will be considered by us. After careful preparation, some mistakes or hardly understandable parts could remain in the text, so you can help us with the corrections.

And what is next?! We would like to start pledge manager next week. Every one of you could manage your pledge, upgrade with add-ons and submit the correct address. Our designer is about to prepare the P’n’P version and send it to you in some short weeks.

We have to be honest with you every aspect, so we admit that there will be one month delay from the original schedule. It’s not very much and we still are hoping the shipping will be arranged in September, but it always depends on outer circumstances from this point on. We have done our job, and if every participant of this process will do the same, it will be a very successful project at the right time.

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