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hexpanse - 2017.02.02.

The last day

We trust the dash of the last 48 hours and we have favorable results so far: the project increased by $5000 and we finally exceeded the $50,000 limit, where the stretch goal of Canaris’ mercenary card was unlocked. The mercenary comes along with its token, of course, and we were able to increase the card counter. We warn you: the ability of Canaris will be dreaded throughout the game. He can deal 3 damage to warlords, and this fact requires cautiousness from the players, no matter who owns the card. Remember this stretch goal whenever you win with the help of this card.

We are also at the doorstep of Lee’s platoon, which – endured in the stormy clashes of the civil war – still serves today. This division has an extremely effective offensive ability, because they are unbreachable. The stretch goal’s limit, however, is not.

Don’t stop listing the unlocks now, as you have completed the last collective mission with the speed of light, our dear Players, because you have unlocked the community stretch goal in far less than a day by fanning Hexpanse on BGG. Your reward cannot be held back: each box will be richer by a new action card. And you also get the opportunity for another expansion: now you need to collect at least 100 fans for Korona Games in order to receive another action card into the box! You might have noticed that this game is more than just a simple abstract puzzle. We intentionally put great emphasis on the cards, because the good combinations can enhance the game experience infinitively. That is why the rich opportunities play a key role.


In order to put more cards into the game, we decreased the price of IMMORTALITY PLEDGE by $100. So now you can have it for $290, which contains not only Admiral edition with all the add-ons available, but your picture will be printed on one of the cards, thus making your face eternal. Naturally, you will receive multiple copies of your card to give you opportunity to spread them even among your galactic grandchildren.

Attention! Now there are only 7 pledges remaining out of the 12. Take them quickly! Here is the opportunity to become immortal in the universe!

And talking about immortality: you don’t remember us making the back of the character sheets customizable, do you? You can be the leader of your people, taking the place of the warlord in the alternative art of the character sheet. The Terran, the Nomad and the Trader warlords are already taken, but the Cyberian slot is still available – we recommend it for those who do not fear being transformed into a half-machine cyborg. Ox and Mentacle slots are for determined backers who would gladly morph into an alien.

Our graphic designer does miracle work, naturally with the cooperation of the customers, as he takes your suggestions into consideration. Attention! There are only 3 pledges left out of the 6.

And last, but not least the most important news, which we tried to keep in secret, but we must reveal it concerning the importance of the last 24 hours, even if we lose masses of customers by admitting it… A group of British scientists proved that Hexpanse cannot be played with cats:

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