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Heroes on (the) board

Heroes on (the) board

Dear Backers,

We’ve received great news and a heavy package from China, straight from the printing house. The content of the box was the first prototype of Dice Upon a Time for us to approve. Allow us to proudly present some photos of the wonderful, colorful board and beautiful, big and good quality miniatures and dice. It took a lot of work and extra expenses, but we have achieved a higher quality result. And since quality is our slogan, this achievement is truly important and makes us really proud.

We got several inquiries about the insert during the campaign. As we did not see any value in putting a fictitious drawing of an insert on the KS page, we only mentioned it in a comment: yes, an insert is a fundamental element of a Korona game. Now finally we can show you how neat it looks:

USA tariff

A few of you questioned the USA-China trade war tariff contribution. The first batch of the tariffs have come into force as scheduled: https://www.china-briefing.com/news/the-us-china-trade-war-a-timeline/

Board games are in the second batch, scheduled for the 15th December 2019 and a 10% fee will be imposed on them. If it does not apply to the actual package in the end, all of you will get the amount back. On the other hand we only asked for a contribution. The actual expectable charges will be higher, just as the shipping costs. We already took over a fair portion of the shipping costs from our Backers.

(Most of you are certainly aware of the fact that every tax is paid by the end user, everywhere, always. It’s just not communicated to the people all the time. We were again honest with our backers and that hurt a few of them. We could have just simply raised the shipping costs and not mention the tariff – which is out of our control, we did not invent it, we suffer from it as well. This way we didn’t take the burden of having to refund this amount to everyone if it wouldn’t take effect until the shipment enters the US. But this is not a tax, this is an increased shipping cost, an unexpected one, that every KS creator is aware of and those who know about it before starting their project, build in their prices already. This is how the end customers pay the taxes. They are there in the price. Everywhere, in every item you have ever bought, including the device you are holding and the clothes you’re wearing while reading these lines.)

Local pickup – How to set it?

The first question of the survey is the country where you want the game to be delivered to. If you’d like to pick it up in Essen or Budapest, choose “local pickup” from the drop-down menu. No worries if you missed this step. You can still switch to this option at the end of the survey when setting the shipping details. Change the country to “local pickup”.


Only 18 days left to finish the BackerKit survey! It’s closing on 26th September. Missing this deadline means missing the current, discounted amounts of shipping costs! Fulfilment covers only one round of shipping. To the late are left the standard shipping rates that can be significantly higher. Be on time to save money!

Addon stock information

Hexpanse and Invisible, our former KS success games are popular addons, which is great, however, the stock is finite. Those who ordered them already, have their reserved copies in our warehouse. The future incoming orders will be handled on a first-come, first-served basis and we cannot guarantee that the stock will be enough for everyone. Hurry up, don’t miss Hexpanse and Invisible!

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