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invisible 2018.08.27.

Invisible under printing

Dear Backers,  

It has been a long time ago that we’ve last shared an update, for various reasons. On the one hand, we have been a little bit disturbed by the fact that this excellent party game that we’ve wished to share with you did not receive the success on Kickstarter we believe it should have. On the other hand, we are even more happy and grateful for you who have decided to trust us and this game, since due to you the idea of this game can turn into reality.  

The third reason for this silence is that it is summer, and during this time both our partners and we’ve been on holidays, which makes the process a little slower than normally. However, this does not mean that it has stopped for weeks.  

We are proud to let you know that the Print and Play version of the game has already finished, and we have sent it to every backer who chose this or a higher pledge in private mail in the near future. Please, feel free to use it as you wish, let the Invisible parties begin!

For those who do not wish to spend their time and energy on printing and cutting, we have good news as well: the game is already at the manufacturers, under the printing process. Sadly, we can’t set an exact date for the finish yet, as it seems there is a serious lack of card-paper in the market, which means that for now the manufacturer can’t get that excellent quality paper that we have ordered for the game, and we won’t back down and deliver worse than what we have promised, but rather wait an extra 1-2 weeks.

We are still within the schedule, as even with this obstacle the printing shall be finished around the middle of September, and we will send the packages via post right after we get them. This means that we should be within the deadline that we’ve set, and soon you will have the joy of getting your own copy of Invisible!  

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