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invisible 2018.09.18.

Invisible is visible

Dear Backers,  

we are pleased to let you know that even with the two weeks delay due to the lack of card paper, the Invisible is finally ready, and we are still within the promised deadline. We are very satisfied with the product of the manufacturers, the box, the cards and all the other parts have been made in excellent quality. We have decided to try something new, and get the rules printed on the type of paper that is used for maps, so it will be more resilient, and the results are very clear on the first look.

If you would be incredibly fast, and could answer the survey – all of you have already received it – within a week, then we can start to send them during the next week, and depending on the speed of the delivery you might be able to get your own copy by the end of the month. It would be an outstanding achievement on Kickstarter that we have decided on this really short, only three months deadline for producing and delivering the game, and managed to keep our promise. It is required from you to give us your addresses via the survey on Kickstarter so we can contact you, and it would be the best if you could do that till this Saturday, 22nd of September. For those who would miss this deadline we will send the game in this year, but we can send the packages only once per month due to the special ways of it. 

We would like to remind you that as you can read it in the shipping part of the Kickstarter description, the packages will be sent without tracking number, via simple post service. There is no insurance on it, though you can get one for 5$ if you would like, by sending the amount via paypal to kekfutar@gmail.com during this week. If you would be late from this, and would your package get lost during the delivery, please do not get afraid, we will send you a new one for 75% of the original price.  

You can let us know in the survey if you would like to change from any smaller pledge to the ALL IN, or if you would like to get a Hexpense as well to it. You can find more information about our previous KS success on the following link: http://koronaboardgames.com/koronaboardgames-hexpanse.html

For the extra orders we require you to send the money via paypal to the address kekfutar@gmail.com. We of course will answer any private questions as well, if you had one.  

For those who would like to apply for a free delivery in Essen or in Budapest, please let us know this in the survey. You will be able to get your own copy in the Reflexshop store in Buda during later this week, the time of which we will let you know soon. Furthermore we are going to attend Essen, where you will be able to meet us in Hall number 4, in the J106 booth.  

Please keep in touch, as there will be more from us.  

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