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hexpanse - 2017.08.13.

Structures reborn

Dear Hexpanse fans!

Let us introduce you the large variety of structures from Admiral’s edition. Structures are specialties in Hexpanse’s universe. They are super items that bring a new exciting game mode into the game. They are like all-devastating super weapons that are unique for each player, and it is only a matter of strategy when you use them. We have designed structures game mode in a way that we offer it to players who really intend to dive into the deep world of Hexpanse. That is why we put them only into Admiral’s edition, so they won’t be available in retail version of the game. The special game mode was planned to be completed with 5 unique cards and hexagon-shapes minis. Unfortunately, it is a difficult path to make them come to reality.

We intended to purchase those minis that you saw on the KS site from a well-known company in Germany. We have agreed with the company to receive the structures after the finish of the campaign. After we have paid the costs in advance, and the German company have begun to assemble the package before sending it to the press, they noticed that they have only a fraction of the ordered minis. They did not know where the rest has gone, but they were not even their products, so they do not plan to reproduce them. That is when a game developer totally gets stunned.

The negative effect of the story: a little delay occurred compared to the planned release in September, but you cannot be left without the structures. But the coin has two sides, and the satisfaction of our customers is the most important for us, so — not caring about the extra expenses — we would like to conclude the story that cause so much restless nights with good news: it seems that we will solve the problem, and it will even be better than the original! As the German company could not give sufficient structures, we took the task in our own hands, and designed a brand new structure mini in 3D.

The mold has already been created. The unique structure has become much cooler than the earlier version. We intended to give life indicating tokens to the original, but this structure consists of attachable elements of multiple colors, so we do not need any further marking. Solid material of high quality, which is heavier than the original. Moreover, we provide you with 12 structure cards instead of 5 in order to put some further extras in Admiral’s edition. These will give you a larger variety during the space battles. Naturally, the shipping costs due to the increase of the weight and the amount are on the house.

By the way, we designed previously 5 mini structures and 5 cards altogether. Then we worked and tested a lot developing a new and much more exciting game mechanism for it. Now, every single faction get an own structure and 2-3 variable cards that can use with it. Admiral edition will include 4 structures and 12 cards, and you are going to get +2 minis by alien addon to provide all factions with structures.

Our only problem is to ship them to China in order to be put into the currently produced games. We are doing everything we can to be able to bring the complete game to Essen and make everyone receive their copies in November. The sure thing is that everyone will be able to build their galactic dominion under the Christmas tree. We apologize for the delay, but the life of game developers is not only peach and cream, but we will fight our difficulties and prevail. We sincerely thank you for your support and patience!

P.S.: We would like to share another excellent review with you, if any didn’t read before: http://pawnsperspective.com/Hexpanse-Preview/

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