Journey to East and West

Journey to East and West

Dear Adventurers of East or West,

We  have visited our manufacturer Ningbo Eastar in China. It was a fabulous journey, the kind we are going to tell our grandchildren. The primary goal of the visit was to have a look at the manufacturing process of Dice Upon a Time, because it’s really important to us to make sure we can thank you for your support with a perfect quality product. The good news is that having seen every single work phase I can confirm that DUAT is in the finish line. Eastar is doing a fantastic job. It was a perfect choice to collaborate with them. They are not only a very good business partner but also nice people and welcoming hosts. May a few pictures tell you about the incarnation process of DUAT:

The birth of Dice Upon a Time is a wonder and you are all part of it. Those of you who chose the Essen pickup will be able to hold it in their hands in less than a week! To be able to keep our promise we have ordered a few dozens of the game by airmail. The rest of the copies are going to leave the port of Shenzhen, heading to the local fulfilment centers in the course of November. After that they will be in the hands of the Christmas rush, so we don’t dare to promise anything further yet. This is the reason we only declared January 2020 as this is date you will receive it surely.

For Essen Pickup you will find us – and some surprise 😉 – in Hall 4, booth H115. Just pop in on any day of the fair, show an official identification document and you get your very own copy of DUAT.

And one more thing! Since we have finished the producing phase of Dice Upon a Time, we’re already looking into the future and moving on to work on our next Kickstarter game. Are you interested? Visit us in Essen and be one of the few who try our new dark and creepy card game Fragmented! 😉

Balázs Lenhardt CEO

Korona Games

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