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Conquering Essen

Conquering Essen


First of all, we would like to apologize to you all that we report the recent event – Essen Spiel 2019 (greatest board game convention on the world) in delay, but everything happened so fast that we could hardly catch up. We proudly announce:

Dice Upon a Time has conquered Essen!

To sum up: practically the entire stock that we could transport via air-freight was quickly bought up. The visitors showed an incredibly liking towards this whole concept that well-known characters such as Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White or the Musicians of Bremen appeared as miniatures. This was accompanied by a unique mechanism probably never seen in any other game before. A tale of adventure, dice placement and quests to complete — an atmosphere that caught everyone in Essen. Distributors and retailers are eager to publish it in their country, hopefully it will appear in shops soon. Tom Vasel showed up just in time at our booth and requested a copy. We were helped by Ningbo Eastar’s fantastic quality of work, as they produced a game that everyone appreciated.

Just to quote Henk’s opinion among the comments:

“And the components, what can I say, they are top quality. The cards are thick, the mini’s are not so mini and look awesome and the tokens are nice and thick as well. Really happy I have backed this game, can’t wait to play again!”

Thanks to all this, we managed to sell the last copies by Saturday afternoon. Moreover, a struggle almost broke out between the fans of the game for the prototypes. Here you can see the photo of the happy last customer, as well as the satisfaction of the author in front of the “Sold out” sign. As we could not keep on selling afterwards, more than a hundred people have already ordered it at the venue or online.

But don’t you think that we have forgotten about our loyal backers who made it possible for us to publish this game! We have been working full-steam on the preparation of fulfillment in the background: The copies are already on their way to Europe by ship, and the delivery to the USA and Australia is only hindered by some last minute offer and our search for the best solution for all of you. We really hope that everything will be set by the end of the week, and then we will be able to deal with loading up the ships immediately afterwards.

Balázs Lenhardt CEO

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