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Last copies & Cinderella

Last copies & Cinderella

Dear Backers,

We are perfectly aware that everyone must bear this hard & crazy times. The coronavirus halted the entire world suddenly and leads to so many consequences that we are not able to foresee at this point. We all hope the status is going to change very soon, and things will be the same as they used to be.

First of all, we would like to thank the patience of those who haven’t received the very deserved game yet or have just been delivered recently. We definitely know it was a very unpleasant situation, and we made our best to accelerate the shipping process, but the circumstances are out of our control. We really appreciate your empathy, endurance and commitment to Dice Upon a Time, and strongly believe the excellent adventure of this game will compensate you.

The latest report from VFI on Asian/Australian delivery:

AU (Aetherworks) – Mostly arrived to backers. (Invisible is going to be shipped separately as soon as the block for postal services from Europe will be ended.)

ID (Monopolis) – ETA to hub 1 June

MY (Kohii) – Received by hub

SA (Board Game Space) – ON HOLD – COVID-19

SG (Team Board Game) – Games shipped from hub to backers

TH (Battlefield) – Deliveries confirmed to backers from hub

VN (Boardgame VN) – ETA to hub 9 June

The other main issue is Cinderella, and the good news is she has been born! Take a look how beautiful she is.

She was produced by the manufacturer of the game Ningbo Eastar so the quality is completely the same as of the other miniatures. Now they are in China, and we need to arrange the shipping to Europe first, then she will be delivered to you by priority post as soon as the service is available. At this moment, we are planning the Chinese shipping on the next week, hopefully it means most of the backers who ordered Cinderella will receive it by the end of June. Please be patient, it will be shipped without tracking number, thus you won’t be able to follow its delivery status.

We apologize for all who are asking privately where their Cinderella is, as we couldn’t answer every single message.

In the end, we are very grateful for your continuous support which makes it possible for us to create the fabulous world of the Grimm brothers that brings so much fun and adventure into the lives of those who play Dice Upon a Time…

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