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hexpanse - 2018.10.22.

Essen calling

Dear Backers, it’s been a long time since our last sign from the Hexpanse universe in summer, but now we have important news to share with you again. During this week will be a convention in Essen, during which you will have the chance to meet with us from Korona Boardgames and try out our games again. On the 26th (Friday) between 14-16 our artist, Gyula Pozsgay dedicates both Hexpanse and Invisible at our booth!

And since we just love to make favors for our faithful customers we have made our second promo card for this event:

As you can see it on the picture, we gave this mech brand new unique abilities: placing three units straight from the recovery ship to the table, or destroying two units and deploying our units in their place, were not used in the game before. Now you can use either of these abilities for 6 Hexiliums to give yourself a fast way to close the endgame on a blood-covered planet.

We suggest you to find us in Hall 4, at our J106 booth, as every Hexpanse owner will receive this gift for free if they came for it. Of course we do not wish to exclude those who can’t make it there, but would like to receive the card: if you transfered us $3.9 via paypal to the kekfutar@gmail.com address to cover the post and paypal fees, we would be happy to send you your own card after Essen, without a tracking number. The card itself would be a gift from our company.

Our second KS project arrived from the manufacturers only a few weeks ago, the beautiful game Invisible, which will be visible for a great audience for the first time. The game that you can get it in Essen, or order online, is a special one with unique lenticular cover, for only 16$. You can find further information on the following address:


In the upcoming year, we would like to take you on a journey to the land of fairy tales again, this time to the universe of the Grimm adventures, Dice upon a time. During our road we have to proceed through several quests to earn victory points. In the game you can find the magical objects, story-shards, locations and characters with unique abilities of the famous Grimm Tales, like Sleeping Beauty, King Thrusbeard, Snow White, Thumbling, Little Red Riding Hood etc.

The movement mechanics is something we are really proud of, as we believe it makes the game quite unique: every player has got 5-5 unique dice, from which we build towers during our movements. We can use their special features tactically to get ahead of the other players or corner them. The sheer size of the different card packs guarantee a diversity between every game. The duration of the game is only an hour or less, the rules are simple to understand, thus we can honestly recommend this game for both gamers and families as a unique, delightsome game.

Keep an eye on us, as we still reserve some surprises for you!

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