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A boring part of the journey

A boring part of the journey

Hello Rovers of the Grimm World,

And here should come some kind of “we are so sorry for not writing to you earlier” beginning. The truth is that it has one reason: each and every member of our crew is fully focused on working on the game to be able to get it produced before Essen Spiel and shipped to you this year.

Complications occur of course. We had to change manufacturer (to Ningbo Eastar) because our previous partner could not agree on our very tight deadlines. Instead of pointing fingers, we move on and solve problems. So, in the background we are working like beavers, which is not so interesting for you that we should report on every move. I know it’s hard to imagine what could be so much work on a product that seemed to be all done months ago, but apparently there is a lot to do.

Most of the material is now ready-to-print and we are just putting the last components to press.

Meanwhile our artist Matteo is also working to give you the most beautiful artwork. He loves drawing. Sometimes he decides to elaborate some elements more and he redraws them to be more impressive. It happened for example to the Giant:

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