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hexpanse - 2017.01.26.

Present for everyone

Dear Backers!

It is a great pleasure for us that we managed to steer the project of Hexpanse back on a greatly ascending track after a week of stalemate! We have passed 200% of the funding goal, and we will reach a new stretch goal soon. We can thank our loyal backers for it, of course, who felt that they can take this exciting game into new heights with the add-ons for $30.

This is a wonderful feeling because this is when we really see that it was worth the several weeks of work by day and night that we put into the creation of the alien races, the new minors, the additional game modes played with the alternative mission cards and the other add-ons. This is the best feedback we can get that you show us your enthusiasm, which inspires us to keep up the hard work!

But we would like to reward your support! So we surprise you with a gift that is for everyone who has purchased or will purchase the game: we unlock the $60,000 stretch goal, the plastic token frames! Whether you pledged Captain or Admiral, you can be sure that the five token frames for each of the four basic colors are already yours: these can be used to hold the tokens of merceneries who are faithful to a different player in every game. And this stretch goal will be replaced by a new reachable goal: on the not yet dark side of Mars! The larger second side of the board, which is one of Neptunus’ icy moon, is excellent for 5-6-player games. However, the special mission cards of Alien pack allow 6-player games on any board.

And last, but not least: a truly great review of the game was made thanks to IGN Hungary! Professional video shot in a proper studio, just as you wanted to see – now with English subtitles. You can learn everything about the game in 15 minutes, and you can also get some trivia about Hexpanse.

There is still one week remaining of the campaign. We are about to make it really memorable – join us and you will see!

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