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hexpanse - 2017.01.27.

Unique stretch goal for Admirals


Some of those who pledged Admiral felt that by giving the token frames immediately to everyone, we decreased the relative value of their boxes. Although the ice world of Neptunes’ moon doesn’t only mean a new planet, but a new game mode for 5-6 players – which we will hopefully reach soon -, we don’t want anyone to have a bad taste in the mouth.

We have initiated the rockets and we will finish a stretch goal planned for later! Behold the unique craters that doesn’t only look awesome, but they bring a brand new game option along with them. Moreover, they will be put into each Admiral box at $55,000, further increasing the modability of the game, because players can decide which territories of the board will be impassable during the match. Craters mark the remnants of the destructive war of the past on the field, letting no units occupy these territories, thus critically influencing the options to complete the required victory formation. Another element, a new tactical possibility that further deepens the galaxy of Hexpanse. Let’s keep on building it together!

Everyone takes Hexpanse serious by now: this fact is proven by its registration to the worthily popular online site of Tabletopia! It’s an excellent opportunity, because you can learn about the game not only from pictures, reviews and descriptions, but you can even try it through a virtual interface. We have tried it and we have to say: it is almost the same experience as playing with the printed one, because the team of Tabletopia is so skilled and quick. Thanks for that! You can try the game with friends or others, but it is already a great experience to examine the board and the game elements from multiple angles. Check here:


We have an other surprise for those who are more interested in the universe of Hexpanse, as the two hundred means double gift! You are about to get a short story by one of our authors: this story provides you with a deeper insight into this world, the dark future of Earth. If you like it, please, leave a comment, and we will probably continue it. You will be introduced to the story of the mercenary leader Python, who can be found in our recent stretch goal, and the mysterious Librarian, who is part of an upcoming stretch goal… You can find the story here:


Here we stand now at the doorstep of the fourth stretch goal, which contains three new mission cards and one of them is Kickstarter exclusive! Besides increasing the card count by three, we took a huge step towards the higher replay value of the game. We got many positive feedbacks that “here comes a unique game at last, not just another euro worker or resource manager copycat”. This game offers a battle that can be won by sophisticated strategies and clever timing of surprise actions, not by fortune or lucky card drawing. The tricky part concerning these games is the question of replay value. We made efforts during the development of Hexpanse to make the victory formations diverse, so each round requires new solutions. That is why our next stretch goal, the new mission card pack is so important.

If we spin up the pace for the last week, we will unlock a bunch of brand new stretch goals soon!

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