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hexpanse - 2017.01.23.


​Here come the Hexpansions!

We have received many feedbacks about what would you like to see if we expanded the game, and your suggestions met our concept during development! We would like to thank you for the vast support and attention towards our first project, so we offer three surprises for all of you:

  • We add four player aids to each box to guide you with the icon system during the first games!
  • We change the capital M logo on minor factions to a more refined and expressive graphic!
  • Moreover, KS exclusive Harambe gets unique faction tokens with the picture of the gorilla. This token can be used by the allied warlord instead of their own minor tokens. ​​ ​

We introduce a new Add-on to those who would like to conquer the planet with a larger company: The Alien pack enables 6-player mode. It fully contains the recently revealed two new factions: their 2 faction boards, 2 warlord dice, 24 faction tokens, 2 warlord tokens, 2 player aids, 10 plastic token frames, 2 elite troops tokens and 14 alternative ending cards, which are recommended for 6-player games and provide extra victory conditions during the matches.

We recommend our second Add-on for those who like tokens and unique graphics on their faction boards: In the Big minor pack contains two brand new minor factions with new abilities that can lead you to victory during the galactic battles.​ We ​also ​add 3 unique tokens to each 11 Minor factions. This means 3×11=33 tokens. However, their number would increase if you unlock more Minor factions as stretch goals. And in order to distinguish them, we will provide 3 plastic token frames in the color of each of the four faction. But you have seen nothing yet: the pack includes 8 red-marked mission cards of higher difficulty, so collectors could choose from more and more unique goals.

The Alien pack costs $18 and the Big minor pack costs $15. The add-ons don’t have separate boxes, they will be shipped together with the game in the basic box (Captain or Admiral). To add one or more add-ons to your pledge, simply increase your pledge by that amount and the rest will be sorted during the Pledge Manager. You have plenty of time to think about it, as you can add the add-ons in the Pledge Manager after the end of the campaign as well.

AND, of course, we have thought about our loyal customers who are interested in both our Add-ons. Double Add-on pack does not only decrease the cost to $30, but we offer you two additional gifts along with it: We reward our Double Add-on purchasers with 3-3 plastic token frames for each of the two new alien factions and 1 more elite troops token for each of the 6 factions! ​​

Join us on our fantastic adventure in the universe of Hexpanse!

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