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hexpanse - 2017.01.17.

Reimagined stretch goals

“Stretch goal unlocked! “

We just love to read this phrase! And I think you do so, dear Backers! We love to read it, because it means that we achieved a new goal. The more goals we achieve, the more elements we can pack in the box, and this also means that we have more and more purchasers. The biggest dream of a game’s creator comes true when the game gets rich and popular, but we have to work hard for it:

We reimagined the stretch goal list and decided to add more to it. That is why we increased the number of stretch goals by three in addition to the earlier six.

We put a $43,000 goal right before the $46,000 one. It is nothing but a KS exclusive unit, Phyton. (Leaked information: you will be able to read about the character in the upcoming short story.)

Phyton’s ability is to place two additional allied units on the board upon arrival. But don’t make the armed and ready soldiers wait too long! As soon as we reach $50,000 and $56,000, Phyton’s two comrades will also join the fight and the box: this is naturally a gift in addition to the original stretch goal list.

The list has been increased from six stretch goals to ten (not forgetting the community stretch goal – we need some more like on the facebook!), and the time has come to show you our eleventh one: the solo game mode.

If we will reach $65,000, the game will get a solo game mode. We have thought about those who would like to play Hexpanse, but are not always able to find a playing company, so in these cases, they would be able to play against an artificial intelligence. To make this possible, we will add special cards and a standalone rule to each box.

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