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hexpanse - 2017.01.14.

3rd stretch goal and more

Hello Gamers,

We are close to the third stretch goal! We asked for a bid from the printing company, and the calculations went on and on until we got the result: if we reach the third stretch goal, then we will have enough purchasers to initiate a material upgrade. This means that the board, the player mats, the minor mats, the box and the tokens will have maximum thickness and will be printed on high quality cardboard, thus making the game the least fragile possible. The board and the cards will be covered by linen finish, so they will be more comfortable to hold in hands. We have still many interesting stretch goals in our pocket! You will find out soon…

Another novelty is that the review section has a new entry, the podcast of the famous Pickstarter, which covers Hexpanse right at the beginning of the video. Check it out!

And last, but not least: we have great news for French speakers! We have two verified translators and more than a hundred backers from France, Belgium, Switzerland and Canada altogether, so it gives green light for the French rulebook! If you want it to be printed, just bring 200 more people!

Allez les Francais!

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