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Welcome to Grimms’ Realm

Dear Adventurers,

This is so exciting! To be honest I was waiting for our first stretch as much as the fund itself.  I was hoping it would be achieved early so we can continue working on: the Event cards.

If you have tried the game in Essen in 2018, maybe you remember that there were “days” instead of “chapters”. Later on we decided to change the days to chapters. And now it’s time for the next level: Chapter cards are now Event cards. In the past 3-4 months we have tested the event system, which is a new element of the game. The duration of the game is 6 rounds (chapters). Chapter cards were used as indicators of remaining game time.

But you know well: each card has two sides… why not to use them? We’re still working on it, still testing, but all the tests are showing us: Event cards work well.

At the beginning of each chapter just flip one event card that’ll affect the turn. Maybe you get more resources, maybe you can reroll your dice, teleport anywhere on the board, ignore some rules, or some other interesting stuff.

First stretch goal unlocked: the Event cards are yours! This means about 12 additional exciting Event cards instead of the Chapter Marker cards.

Thumbling came alive.

In Grimms’ tales mostly the female characters were named (e.g. Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty) but the male character is usually somebody like ‘the youngest boy’, ‘the brave tailor’ or ‘the king’. It’s hard to find a character who is not just a boy from the story. Thumbling is different. He is special, because he is as small as a thumb…

As you can see, Thumbling’s artwork already exists, but not the miniature. And this is why he wasn’t in the game earlier. Thumbling will be a challenge for our 3D artist, but you know what! Thumbling will be an awesome miniature – and true to his name: miniature. (But don’t be afraid, not so small that you would need tweezers for this mini.)

Let’s move further on the stretch goal path! Get ready for some nice continuation!

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