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hexpanse - 2017.05.29.

The long-awaited news has arrived! Yes, we are ready with the game, Hexpanse is complete. It has been quite a silent time recently, but we were working continuously and eventually here is the result! All components and elements have been finished graphically after plenty of testing. We don’t need to develop any further: it’s spectacular, sophisticated and exciting!

Happy Easter!

hexpanse - 2017.07.29.

Seemingly silent weeks passed away, but in the background, we are working on Hexpanse day-by-day. In the past weeks, we managed to complete all the missing stuff, including new mission cards (short and hard alike), new planets (the devastated Mars and Neptune’s ice world), new minor race (the Protector mech), new market cards, supplement the rulebook and many more. By the time the Kickstarter campaign had finished we haven’t been ready with many elements which needed much improvement and testing.

Successful German Campaign

hexpanse - 2017.03.16.

We gladly inform you that our german campaign running on the Spiele-offensive page was quite a success. It just finished the last weekend, after 4 weeks, and brought you all 5 more unlocked stretch goals which will enrich your own copy of Hexpanse. These completed goals are 2 more mercenary cards, 3 more mission cards, 4 exclusive 12-sided dices with unique pattern and 4 more elite troops, one from each basic faction.

To be continued…

hexpanse - 2017.02.03.

Thank you all who joined us! The project was funded quickly with an astonishing start and a huge success, and the rest of the campaigning time was spent in a slow, but stable growth. The boost of the last days was enough to unlock four additional stretch goals. We give you our special thanks for reaching the community goals and the kind words we got. We received many messages and comments stating that this game has much more in it than what it reached here – and we feel exactly the same. Hopefully we will be able to prove to those who haven’t supported us now that Hexpanse deserves more!

The last day

hexpanse - 2017.02.02.

We trust the dash of the last 48 hours and we have favorable results so far: the project increased by $5000 and we finally exceeded the $50,000 limit, where the stretch goal of Canaris’ mercenary card was unlocked. The mercenary comes along with its token, of course, and we were able to increase the card counter. We warn you: the ability of Canaris will be dreaded throughout the game. He can deal 3 damage to warlords, and this fact requires cautiousness from the players, no matter who owns the card. Remember this stretch goal whenever you win with the help of this card.

The final 48 hours

hexpanse - 2017.07.29.

Before we cross the 48-hour mark, we want to thank you for all your help. You gave us enormous amount of ideas and inspiration which we want to thank you with an excellent game. During the recent weeks, the world of Hexpanse developed in such a measure that couldn’t be reached without your help, dear Backers!

Unique stretch goal for Admirals

hexpanse - 2017.01.27.

Some of those who pledged Admiral felt that by giving the token frames immediately to everyone, we decreased the relative value of their boxes. Although the ice world of Neptunes’ moon doesn’t only mean a new planet, but a new game mode for 5-6 players – which we will hopefully reach soon -, we don’t want anyone to have a bad taste in the mouth.

Present for everyone

hexpanse - 2017.01.26.

It is a great pleasure for us that we managed to steer the project of Hexpanse back on a greatly ascending track after a week of stalemate! We have passed 200% of the funding goal, and we will reach a new stretch goal soon. We can thank our loyal backers for it, of course, who felt that they can take this exciting game into new heights with the add-ons for $30.


hexpanse - 2017.01.23.

We have received many feedbacks about what would you like to see if we expanded the game, and your suggestions met our concept during development! We would like to thank you for the vast support and attention towards our first project, so we offer three surprises for all of you: