Korona Games


hexpanse - 2017.11.4.

We are happy to tell you about our joyful experiences! It was a great pleasure for us to meet some of our backers personally at our booth, and deliver them the game and the special promo card: Essen Assault. We saw that it was a good event for gamers, too.

We have arrived!

hexpanse - 2017.10.27.

We have just arrived at Essen and we have received the first ever Hexpanse game directly from China by plane at the beginning of this huge convention. We emphasize that we did not have the game earlier, this is the very first time when we see the brand-new games. They have just been finished at the printing company. So it is truly a milestone in the history of Hexpanse and Korona Games.

Promocard for ALL backers!

hexpanse - 2017.10.18.

As we were also looking forward to Korona Games’ debut in Essen so much we were thinking in advance about how we could make this first occasion memorable. That is why we created a promo card.

Essen Fest

hexpanse - 2017.10.17.

Essen is coming, and we are going to be there. Moreover: Hexpanse will be available also! We are going through some very hard days for organizing, but now it seems to be all arranged. We wouldn’t like to explain all the circumstances and obstacles including typhoon in China, but they finally came to an end. The airplane will launch today with hundreds of Admiral boxes and hopefully the games will arrive at the Essen fair by right time. We have to be very grateful to Annika from Happyshops for organizing this shipping recently, she is awesome!

Powers on the dark side of the Moon

hexpanse - 2017.09.27.

It’s been a very long time since we released an update with fresh news… We announced it ten days ago, but were unable to publish it. Honestly, thing haven’t escalated recently as we expected. We hate to complain, and we know exactly that there will be numerous difficulties and obstacles during a Kickstarter campaign. You honored us with your trust, and we are grateful for it. We feel obliged to live up to it! But sometimes there are occurrences that are beyond our reach.

The last warning!

hexpanse - 2017.09.1.

There are only four days left for completing your orders through Pledge Manager. Only 71% is ready, and in the last ten days only 2% arranged it. We guess no one would like to lose this opportunity. As the shipping cost was NOT included in the Kickstarter campaign, we are not able to send games without it.

Structures reborn

hexpanse - 2017.08.13.

Let us introduce you the large variety of structures from Admiral’s edition. Structures are specialties in Hexpanse’s universe. They are super items that bring a new exciting game mode into the game. They are like all-devastating super weapons that are unique for each player, and it is only a matter of strategy when you use them. We have designed structures game mode in a way that we offer it to players who really intend to dive into the deep world of Hexpanse.


hexpanse - 2017.07.29.

It is a great joy for us to announce that Pledge Manager for Hexpanse is finally on! We have been discussing with multiple PM services for a long time. There were promises that were not fulfilled, and we even almost finished creating our own PM system. These are the reasons why the launch — which was originally planned for June — was delayed. But there is nothing to worry about! The unique keys for Hexpanse’s stargate had been completed: Pledge Manager’s name is a warranty for quality.

Unboxing day

hexpanse - 2017.07.13.

Our brand new prototype from WinGo has arrived! It’s a great feeling to hold it in hand. Soon you can also experience it!

Print and Play

hexpanse - 2017.06.16.

Here we are with the brand new Print and Play version: you are going to get through kickstarter immediately. Now, you can launch a party!