Nürnberg 2023

Korona Games was in Nuremberg

Two years were missed due to Covid, but this year the world’s largest toy exhibition was held again in Nuremberg, Bavaria. Of course, we couldn’t miss it either, because building international relations is an important part of the activities of the Kard és Korona publisher company. Invisible was published in Polish in 2019 by Trefl, while last year Dice upon a Time was published by Blackfyre in the Czech Republic. In contrast to 2020, we did not have our own booth, but we managed to hold all the planned negotiations, which were particularly encouraging. Of course, not all of them will become a business, these will be decided by the negotiations and tests that will follow. In addition, there is something on the horizon that has never happened before in the life of the Korona Games, we will provide more information about the details soon!

But such a huge event is not only about business. There are also great moments that come once in a lifetime: we managed to meet Reiner Knizia, the most creative and prolific author in the world of board games, with more than 700 games to his name. In addition, the master is a fairy figure, extremely kind to everyone, I think this comes across perfectly in the pictures. The year 2023 was a great experience in Nuremberg, and we hope that we will be able to report on the new developments in a short time!

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